Oh hi. Thanks for joining me.

I'm Bianca Barratt and I love to write. I write features for the likes of Refinery 29, The Sunday Times, Evening Standard, Independent, and Sheerluxe and am a regular contributor to ForbesWomen where I write about women in business and the issues surrounding women in the workplace. When I'm not doing that, I help female-led brands create intuitive content that's in tune with their story, brand and values as well as run content workshops and speak on panels at live events. Passionate about equal opportunity for children and teens (I used to be a teacher in an inner city school) I write YA fiction, too.

As a champion of female entrepreneurs, I’m passionate about helping them create content and land features in dream titles that ignite their own passion for their business and opens them up to a whole new world of ideal clients. If you’re a female founder or entrepreneur and are ready to increase your visibility and become widely known as the expert you are, feel free to email me and we can discuss how I can help you.

I love marmite, hate avocado (controversial, I know) and am looking forward a time when life slows down just enough for me to get a dog.

You can take a look at my CV or send me an email here.