I'm a UK-based freelance journalist, content and copywriter specialising in culture, lifestyle, travel and business journalism and content as well as hotel and property copywriting. As a journalist, I write long form features across digital and print titles, including Refinery 29, The Sunday Times, Evening Standard, Independent, Sheerluxe and Forbes.com. As a copy and content writer, I build and implement content strategies and create compelling copy and content for a wide range of boutique and corporate establishments.

Prior to this, I was a Commissioning Editor for Travel at Culture Trip and the Deputy Digital Shopping Editor and a Lifestyle Writer for the Evening Standard.

In a former life I worked as a primary school teacher at an inner - city school which, though never my passion, provided me with some excellent dinner party anecdotes and a knack for speedy editing. Hardly surprising considering I marked 30 pieces of writing a day for two years...

Whether it’s branded content, blogs, features or copy, I have a track record of delivering unique stories and voices to a high standard and to tight deadlines.

If you're looking to commission me or are interested in hearing one of my hilarious teaching anecdotes, feel free to get in touch.

You can take a look at my CV or send me an email here.