So you’ve got a slick looking website, amazing photographs and a top notch product. Think this is enough?

Not quite.

Evidence has shown that websites with great copy can bring 7.8 times more traffic than sites without. This means that 7.8 times more of your ideal clients could have your brand on their radar and could be booking or buying directly from your site. Just as great writing can attract business, bad writing can repel it.

As a commissioning editor and branded content writer, I’ve spent a lot of time looking at brands from the customer’s perspective - writing about what makes them great and what sets them apart from others. I’ve also written for many different editorial brands, altering my tone of voice depending on the audience (want to know more about this? Head to my About page or read my latest work here). Through developing content strategies, I’ve also learnt to look from the other side - to understand the kind of experience you want to create for your ideal clients and developing both B2B and B2C content accordingly.

Coupling this unique perspective with my former teacher’s sharp eye for good grammar, I build copy and content that pitches your brand to the right audience and inspires clients to engage - the final jigsaw piece that can help to sell your business, whether you’re a large chain group or a boutique brand.

Sound interesting? Read more about the services I can offer below or see what previous clients have to say.



Editing existing copy

If your original copy has been written in a language other than English and you have used a translating service to turn it into English, this could be the option for you.

With this service, I will edit your existing English copy to rid it of any strange-sounding phrases and make it more conversational or fluent.

This will allow your English customers to read about your hotel without any language barriers interrupting and will allow you to convey exactly what you want them to know in perfect English.

See an example here.

£ - Rates vary, but this is an efficient, top level option that will be charged per hour.



Whether you’re after a complete overhaul of your copy to make it fresher, more appealing and more inline with your branding and target audience or are a new business looking for an expert writer to develop your business’s voice, this is the more comprehensive option.

With this service, I will work closely with your hotel to define the brand voice you want to have and the features you need written about. This can include room and services descriptions, general About Us pages and basic SEO terms to help your website’s ranking.

See an example here.

££ - £££ - Rates vary depending on the size of the project and the time it will take to complete. This may be negotiated as either a daily rate or an overall fee, depending on the project.


CREATING CONTENT strategy and content

Content is different from copywriting in that it offers ongoing engagement with potential customers or existing ones.

This is not a direct sell of the business or service you provide, but the news that keeps the brand relevant and in the peripheral vision of the customer and competing brands. It keeps people up to date with your news, events and the general brand you want to sell.

This is where my experience as a journalist comes in - where the writing turns from a direct sell to a tool to engage. I’m a big believer in going with your gut when it comes to content creation - if it excites and interests you, chances are, it’ll do exactly the same for your ideal customer. I can develop a content strategy for you (a plan of the frequency and type of writing you want on your site, social media or newsletter) as well as write the content itself.

This service could take many forms - a monthly newsletter, weekly blog or occasional feature. It’s totally up to you.

Take a look at some examples here.

£ - ££ - Rates vary depending on whether you are looking for ongoing updates or just a few evergreen pieces (such as a city guide) that will stay permanently on the site. Not sure what you’re looking for? I can help with that too.